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There are many ways the Presbytery can help your congregation. Listed below are the current Grants available to churches in Indian Nations Presbytery. Applications and details can be found below and on the Links and Resources page

Technology Grant

The purpose of this grant is to assist congregations who have a need to upgrade or update their technology for use in their ministry. The presbytery’s desire is not just for our churches to be able to replace or update what they have, but to create an opportunity to reach out, serve, and share in an even greater way the love of Christ in their congregation and their community.

Pastor Salary Grant

The purpose of this grant is to assist congregations in offering a more competitive salary when seeking a pastor.

Foundation Grant

The purpose of this grant is to meet the future needs of the Presbytery, start-up monies for new mission for such needs fir church plant repairs, modifications, and building codes. Applications are accepted September 1. If funds are available, applications may be accepted at other times during the year. 

Mission Grants

These grants are made available to congregations seeking to organizing new congregations, transforming existing congregations or developing congregations-based ministries of compassion, justice and evangelism.

A. Church Partnership Grants provide assistance for new and existing congregations

1.  New Congregation: New church development is the establishment of a new ministry in the area served by Indian Nations Presbytery. The goal is to grow a viable, sustained and significant ministry within the life of the presbytery, which may lead to a chartered congregation.

2.  Existing Congregation: Transformation of an existing congregation is the redirection of its ministry in light of significant changes among its membership, the community to be served, or both.

B. Project Grants provide one-time funding (seed money) to a ministry sponsored by a

congregation or a group of congregations. By definition, a “project” is a proposal for a new mission venture that addresses the spiritual needs of people living and working in the area served by Indian Nations Presbytery.

C. Congregation-Based Ministries of Compassion, Justice and Evangelism are ministries sponsored by a congregation or a group of congregations, which are designed to meet the physical, social justice and spiritual needs of the community, especially of people primarily outside the congregation.

D. Scholarships provide assistance for applicants to attend workshops, retreats or educational events designed to encourage and equip persons for effective ministry. When persons who are representing their respective congregations apply for scholarship funds, their congregations are encouraged to provide matching funds.


Additional revenue/educational sources may also be available for various congregational needs:

  • The Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program (PILP) (

  • The Presbyterian Foundation, which has indicated a willingness to assist churches with education about infrastructure needs (

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