Committees and Networks for 2021

Presbytery Leadership


Elder Charlotte Lovett


Rev. Abbey Walker


Rev. Dan Junkin (elected 2018)

Stated Clerk

Rev. Tracy L. Evans (elected 2019)

Committee on Administration

Class of 2021

Craig Stanley (moderator)

David Morgan

Becki Walden

Class of 2022

Rev. Bill Galbraith

Craig Jones

Rev. Greg Amen

Class of 2023

Donna Kiplinger

Tom Rhinelander

Barbara Charlet

Rev. Dan Junkin (INP Treasurer)

Lee Ann Finn (INP Accountant)

Coordinating Council

Class of 2021

Blake Harrison

Sue Johnson

Janet Labude

Deanna Piercy

Rev. Jan Burns-Hintze

Rev. Jon McKinnon

Rev. Joe Meinhart

Class of 2022

S. Mark Leidner

Rev. Rick Baggett

Rev. Scott White (Moderator)

Rev. John McKinnon (Vice Moderator)

Rev. Tracy Evans (Stated Clerk)

Charlotte Lovett (INP Moderator)

Rev. Abby Walkter (INP Vice-Moderator)

Committee Moderators

Martin McNeese

(Committee on Ministry, moderator)

Mike Mize

(Committee on Preparation for Ministry, moderator)

Craig Stanley

(Committee on Administration, moderator)

Melissa Gill

(Committee on Nominations and Representation)

Permanent Judicial Committee

Class of 2021

Rev. Sue Long (moderator)

Rev. Mark Heaney

Class of 2023

Brian Upp

Tracy Reed

Rev. Paul Kirbas

Class of 2025

Malcom Champlin

Mark Wesner

Congregational Support Network

Rev. Greg Amen

Judi Atkins

Joan Cole

Rev. Mark Henslee

Richard Zahn

Vicki Zimmerman

Commissioners to Other Councils

Rev. Mitch Miller, Synod T/E

Greg Ables​

Committee on Ministry

Class of 2021

David DeLana

Charlotte Lovett

Rev. Bill Carr

Rev. Bill Galbraith

Rev. Jennifer Kirbas

Class of 2022

Ron Patton

Delores Strider

Glenn Dunn, CLP

Rev. Michael East

Elaine Howe

Nick Lindley

Class of 2023

Martin McNeese (moderator)

Rev. Richard Mize

Rev. Sue Long

Rev. Mitch Miller

Rev. Rick Baggett

Committee on Nominations and Representation

Class of 2021

Craig Stanley

Cheryl Pennington

Class of 2022

Cindy Thomas

Rev. Richard Mize

Class of 2023

Rev. Jan Burns-Hintze

Melissa Gill (moderator)

Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Class of 2021

Melissa Gill

Rev. Abbey Walker

Class of 2022

Russell Newville

Al Turner

Class of 2023

Mike Mize (moderator)

Ted Tiger


Rev. Dan Junkin (moderator)

Bob Rogers

Malcolm Hall 

INP Foundation Board

Class of 2021

Russell Nelson

Jeremy Weichel (Vice-President)

Class of 2022

Rev. Mitch Miller (President)

Rev. Melinda Clements

Class of 2023

Rev. Richard Mize

Fran Smith

Pastoral Care Network

Rev. Jim Burns

Rev. Bill Galbraith

Rev. Carol Waters

Youth Ministries Network

Ronnie Babione

Rev. Laurel Cockrill

Lexi Hurley

Malori Luna

Leigh Miller

Molly Rambur

Jack Sergent

Courtney Smith

Sean Smith

Other Mission Partners

Dwight Mission

Goodland Academy

David Dearinger, President

OK Conference of Churches (OCC)

Rev. Shannon Fleck, Executive Director

Urban Mission

Peggy Garrett, Executive Director

Cameron Campus Ministry

Cameron University, Lawton

Peter Macias

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