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Posted May 21, 2018
The Pastor Nominating Committee of the Delta Presbyterian Church in Delta, Colorado has reached out to INP and other Presbyteries in the region.  They are in search of a tentmaker/bivocational pastor and would consider both ordained and CRE candidates.

You can find their MIF on the Church Leadership Connection (CLC), or they may contact Ed Murray, PNC Member, Delta Presbyterian Church,
Delta Colorado, at or PNC chair Randy Sunderland at

Posted March 11, 2018

Job Description Half-Time Youth Director
Western Oaks Christian Church

For more information, contact: Daniel U’Ren, Senior Minister

Western Oaks Christian Church (DOC), 8100 NW 23rd,  Oklahoma City, OK 73127

(405) 789-8812

Western Oaks Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) calls a Youth Director…
*To share our perception of God’s covenant with us both in God’s presence and
action among us in this place in the world. Youth are defined as those students who
have completed fifth grade through twelfth grade.
*Uphold the Vision and Mission Statements of the church to love God and serve
*To help youth see a vision of who they are to become as disciples in this congregation
and in the world. .
*To be a spiritual advisor to youth by helping them in all aspects of their spiritual
*To encourage relevant spiritual communication between youth, family,
congregation, and community.
*To work as a leader and a team player with other staff members and with lay
leadership, sharing vision, ideas, plans, and concerns to assist youth ministry to
move towards its vision and mission for ministry in the world.
*To work within his or her area of responsibility with purpose and initiative.
*To attend carefully to personal growth toward wholeness in body, mind, and spirit,
keeping a balance among the needs of the congregation and the needs of
professional development, physical fitness, stress management, and the social
support necessary for a healthy, productive life.

I. Areas of Responsibility
A. Administrative
1. Accountability: under the supervision of the Personnel Committee
a) Reports and turns in time sheets to the Senior Minister and
supervised by Associate Minister of Education
b) In addition to the areas below is responsible for all other tasks as
delegated by the Senior Minister related to youth programming.
c) Serve by accepting and giving direction as part of a team
d) Complies church policies and the Personnel Handbook
e) Complies with the children/youth protection policy and bus policy
2. Coordinate Communication: maintaining correspondence with church
staff concerning functions and activities of the church as well as
communicating with youth, parents, and the broader congregation
through the newsletter, letters, email, social media and website.
3. Attends weekly meetings including staff, program and/or supervisory.
4. Attends all Education Committee meetings
5. Maintain a good standing relationship with the Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ). Be familiar with the tradition, history,
and polity of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
B. Provide spiritual care and guidance
1. Be a spiritual leader to our youth ministry and youth workers. Maintain
confidentiality and abide by the code of ministerial ethics established
by the Christian Church in Oklahoma.
2. Provide care and guidance to all youth and their families
3. Reach out to youth who are in need of love, acceptance, and
forgiveness. Offer words of support and encouragement to all youth.
4. Identify, encourage, and train adults to guide and care for youth with
all youth functions sponsored by the church.
C. Youth Programming
1. Create and run regular, weekly youth programming that includes focus
on service, devotion as well as relationship developing programming.
2. Offer opportunities such as lockins, mission trips, fellowship trips, etc.
3. Recruit active youth sponsors and encourage youth mentoring
D. Worship leadership
1. Occasional participation in worship services
2. Model and encourage the practice of regular worship with the youth
3. Regular Worship attendance
E. Education
1. Youth Sunday School teacher
II. Qualifications
A. Education: college with hours in education or Christian education preferred
B. Experience: preferred to be involved in, participate in, and understand the
working of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
C. Communications: must be effective in oral and written communication
D. Requires ability to multi-task with minimal supervision.
III. Job Requirements:
A. 1. Work hours: Salaried Half Time – approximately twenty (20) hours per
week with extended hours as required by the job.
B. Travel: Homes, schools, camps, and events. Must provide own reliable
C. Physical Requirements: Lifting/Carrying: Medium work: a maximum weight of 50
Ibs; Pulling/Pushing: Medium work: up to 50 Ibs. Duties are performed by a
combination of sitting, standing, walking, and driving on a frequent change basis
with many deadlines.