Presbytery is still on!  I have touched base with Paul Kirbas, chair of MSG, and Mitch Miller, the host pastor, and we believe with rising temperatures and the current weather forecast, that the best road forward (pun intended) is to forge ahead with the current presbytery plans and do our best.  That being said, we realize some parts of Oklahoma may still have travel challenges.  We also realize you may have a delayed arrival Friday.  As in matters of faith, we Presbyterians leave these decisions to your good judgment.  Please give yourself extra time, and if you are not comfortable joining us Friday we understand.

Packet #2 for the February stated meeting of Indian Nations Presbytery is now available for download at  If you are prompted for a password, it is indiannations.

The docket begins at 3:30pm.  Pre-meeting workshops at 1pm and 2pm.  Give yourself extra time and be safe!