God’s Kingdom Is Forever
October 29 at 4 PM at WPCOKC
500 years ago, Martin Luther began the work of making major changes in the way that we exist together as the body of Christ. The change was no easier for him then than it is for us today, but none the less, he changed us and he changed the world. In celebration of his faith, courage, and work, we are offering a unique worship experience that will include clinicians, choristers, and instruments for many churches within our community and beyond. Renowned sacred music composer, K. Lee Scott, has assembled and will lead a program of hymns, many of which will be very familiar to you, that were either penned by Martin Luther himself or born out of the traction that he started. This worship service will feature a large festival choir which will be comprised of singers from across the Indian Nations Presbytery, our guest clinician, a professional brass quintet, and Dr. Melissa Plamann at the sanctuary Organ.
Though it covers a great deal of music, you will find the program to be varied, engaging, and surprisingly brief. October 29, 2017 4:00pm.